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hey, look, is that me ACTUALLY IMPROVING? Wait, no, that's just a mirage...
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Dragon Age Tatics... nonexistant. introduction, pbt there isn't any, can name your save? nope not any more. Auto attack? yeah right. change the controls so that right and left mouse buttons that are held make you move? nope, no second key bindings command.

I'm nit picking here, but the technical shii seems weak.. also I heard story was weak, and if story is weak.. well.. there goes my interest. insta 2. because while dragon age 2 was short, it had a decent story, even if it had a clear lack of direction... and a very very very very adburpt ending. .. which even I didn't know that THAT was the end.

if this game doesn't have the basis of which WHY we play it for, besides to see our actions carry out, then its kind of failed.

Did I mention I hate no auto attack? I hate no auto attack. There's a reason why I play tor with xpadder and a controller, I can't handle the multiple camera angling while attacking on pc, crap like that belongs with a controller, which the pc can only detect xbox one controllers.... I have a 360 controller.. that or... sigh... I think its having trouble in general picking up pc controller input. I read something you either play with a keyboard or controller, not both. Shame, because I do both with skyrim, dark souls, and tell tale games alot. Somethings are good at moving the other thing for selecting shiiii

Also there's something very very very very very odd on how the story is set up.
...this doesn't feel right.. this doesn't feel like a dragon age game...
...maybe because there isn't really much of an intro, you know the thing that sets up the story, your exposition, the thing that explains who are you, why you're there, what the hell is the situation, and what the hell is this world.

there's none of that. there's OP OH HEY LOOK, YOU'RE IN THIS. SHIT HAPPENED. NOW GO DO THAT SHIT. 
me: ._. 


Mark laidlaw said something on "we could of went exploring to conclave for an hour, or we could get to the meet! HOW THE INQUISITION WAS FOUNDED! So we went straight for that : D"

me: .. .. yeah.. you just cut out your intro bub, now we're plop down on what the calc people refer to the greatest change in the graph. the rising action of the intro, and you're like asldkjfalsdkjf WHAT THE FLUFF IS HAPPENING HERE?!! cassandra&lelliana: shi happened, go do it, oh look the inq is formed.
Weak sauce bro, weak sauce.

Just seems they made this more for the console people than for pc, even if, I know, that my pc can barely RUN this thing. (lol I'm kidding, I've crashed 3 times in the last half hour. I'm on VERY low settings xD) ...just for the controls and the very very very no 
tactics.. I.. just can't get into this game like 1+2... I believe thats all attributed to the lack of intro. yup. lack of intro.


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Sarah Winston
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